King of the Asylum S2

Spara datumen säsong 2!

8/1 - Vinnare Erik Forsberg

5/2 - Johan Palm

5/3 - Johan Palm

9/4 - Jesper Hedlund

14/5 - TBD

King of the Asylum (KotA) season two started of strong with 14 players. In the end Erik Forsberg and his Stormcast stood victorius. 

KotA keep going and this time we have only 12 players but just as much fun as if we would have been 200 players. Winner this time is Johan "Pompe" Palm and his gloomspite Gitz.

Third time is the charm they say. And for Pompe who won the last event its absolutly true as he drives home another one with his Gitz. This time we were 22 players! Good job!

We go again and this time Jesper Hedlund and his Nurgle forces takes the W. Jesper who just started playing Nurgle was very happy with the win and says "bring it" to all for episod 5 where he goes for two in a row.

Episod 5 is yet to be played. Stay tuned!!