King of the Asylum S3

Vinnare säsong 1 - Joel Kornfeld

Vinnare säsong 2 - Johan Palm

Vinnare säsong 3 - TBD

S3 E1 - 13:e Augusti - Johan Hilmersson

S3 E2 - 10:e September - TBD

S3 E3 - 8:e Oktober - TBD

S3 E4 - 12:e November - TBD

S3 E5 - 10:e December - TBD

How we play:

To minimize the disagreements between the players, as a baseline always follow the guidelines below. Discuss them prior to a match if you feel the need. If you both agree to play the game differently, that is entirely up to the players at the table.


To ensure fairness in a game of dice if you`re opponent wishes to use your dice let them.

Dice rolls:

Only dice where the bottom is entirely touching either the playmat or surface objective markers are considered rolled. Dices should be rolled so that the opponent can always see what has been rolled. Always remove dice that were unsuccessful rather than the opposite.


Speak your mind throughout the game and make clear with your opponent what your intention is, then ask your opponent if he agrees with your intention. Stick to these verbal agreements.


Making the fewest mistakes is an important aspect of Age of Sigmar. We do not play with takebacks


As a general guideline, when you are moving a model, try to avoid shifting it around excessively before you finalize its new position. To avoid that, it is always a good idea to move the model its maximum distance, and then only move it backwards before you finalize its new position.


As we only have 3 hours to play each round we use chess-clocks to the best of our ability. It's a good practice as the hobby is moving in this direction for competitive games.

King of the Asylum (KotA) season two started of strong with 14 players. In the end Erik Forsberg and his Stormcast stood victorius. 

KotA keep going and this time we have only 12 players but just as much fun as if we would have been 200 players. Winner this time is Johan "Pompe" Palm and his gloomspite Gitz.

Third time is the charm they say. And for Pompe who won the last event its absolutly true as he drives home another one with his Gitz. This time we were 22 players! Good job!

We go again and this time Jesper Hedlund and his Nurgle forces takes the W. Jesper who just started playing Nurgle was very happy with the win and says "bring it" to all for episod 5 where he goes for two in a row.

Two in a row and the first loser in the total. But huge congratulations to Jesper Hedlund who after selling his Gitz and retire his Skaven is on a flow with his Nurgle. 

Good Job