The last Asylum tournament for this Season is done. The KOTA S3 E5 was won by William Carehag great job.

Season three total is just amazing to watch and it was tight for a long time. 46 different players has attended and we will hopefully grow for season 4. Unfortunatly Robin Törnfeldt was unable to attend the final fights. But top three is as follows

1. Christian Wennberg - 42 points

2. Robin Törnfeldt - 40 points

3. William Carehag - 38 points

For our Milarki league thats been ongoing for the season aswell we have top three as follows

1. William Carehag

2. Johan Hilmersson

3. Andreas Bernestig

A huge thanks to all that has been a part in whatever way there is around Asylum during 2022! I hope to see all again in 2023.

The biggest thank you goes to Emma who supports me whatever crazy shit i decide to try out.